When do we have to get the flu?

Posted August 04, 2018 06:22:54 Health Minister Sussan Ley has warned Australians should avoid travel to places that are currently experiencing a pandemic.

“There’s not a day that goes by where there isn’t a new pandemic story being covered by the media,” Ms Ley said in the first question to the questions and answers session on Thursday.

Ms Ley said the ABC had a strong reporting team working on stories about the influenza.

In a blog post on Thursday, Ms Ley urged Australians to take care of themselves, particularly if they had to travel.

She said “if you have an influenza vaccination, you should get one before you leave the country and make sure it’s within your own health”.

The ABC has also issued a warning about travelling to areas where a pandemics is currently active, and advises Australians to “do your research before you travel”.

“Don’t go to places where there are already circulating flu viruses in the air, and don’t get your flu vaccine before you get back home,” Ms Rae said.

Health officials warn Australians to stay away from hospitals, nursing homes, and other places where people are potentially at risk of contracting the influenza virus.

The Australian Government is warning Australians to limit their travel to a maximum of 15 kilometres (9.2 miles) from hospitals.

Some hospitals have begun to restrict the movement of people who are not in a hospital, with the Department of Health warning that people travelling to remote areas could be at risk for a flu virus spread through contact with people who do not have hospital admission certificates.

At least 17 Australians have died from influenza-related illnesses since the start of the pandemic, with many more dying from infections that they could not have contracted.

While there are no official figures, it is estimated that more than 80 per cent of people in Australia have a cold or flu-like illness.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has called on Australians to remain calm and vigilant and avoid travelling during the pandemic.


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