The latest on the VAIGRA trial: VAIGRAS verdict could affect more than 1 million

VAIGRE, Calif.

— Virginia is in the midst of its largest trial of its kind, with more than a million people in the state of California and about 1.6 million people nationwide potentially being affected by a VAIGRI trial.

The trial is part of the VA HealthCare Fraud Prevention Act, a measure introduced by Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Republican Senator Richard Burr in 2015 that would force insurance companies to make data and other disclosure to consumers.

It’s a test case for the Trump administration to prove that it’s serious about cracking down on fraud, a goal that Warren and Burr had long advocated.

The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 54-42 in September and was signed into law by President Donald Trump.

The House of Representatives approved the measure by a similar vote last month.

The VA has said the trial will be the largest-ever for fraud prevention.

It will cost the government $25 billion over the course of the trial, according to a September 2016 estimate by the Government Accountability Office.

The case has already forced some insurers to pull out of the market.

Anthem, for example, announced on Friday that it would stop selling its Blue Cross Blue Shield plan in California because of a potential fraud scandal.

The California trial is expected to cost at least $4 billion.

The trial will continue through 2020, with additional costs if a new trial is ordered.

The court hearing on VAIGRES verdict is expected on April 23.

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