By Simon Dawson-Hughes, ABC News | Posted November 17, 2018 06:00:51As Australia’s first ever Viagra factory opens in Australia’s largest city, it will mark a new chapter in Viagra’s journey towards becoming the world’s largest and most sophisticated vascular drug.

A massive production facility will be built on the Gold Coast, in the heart of the Goldfields region, in a major development that will see the country’s biggest commercial centre become the world ‘s largest and best-known vascular drug manufacturing facility.

The state government will invest more than $7 billion in the facility, which will produce a total of nearly 3,500 tonnes of Viagra, according to the Australian Vascular Society (AVS).

The company will also be building an additional 5,500-foot long, 1,600-foot wide, 100-metre-long (330-yard-wide) Viagra facility, with a capacity of 1,500 to 2,000 people, according the Australian Viagra Association.

The company has committed to providing up to 1 million Australian Viags to the world over the next five years.

It is a significant investment for the state, as it marks the beginning of the Australian production of Viages for use in the United States and in China, as well as to be used in the treatment of HIV and hepatitis C.

The AVS says the construction will create a world-class manufacturing facility with a world class supply chain.

The Australian Viages will be produced at the new Viagra manufacturing facility, and the first batch of Viags will be sent to the United Kingdom to be administered by NHS treatment centres.

The first batch will be delivered in October 2021, followed by the second batch in November 2022.

The second phase of the factory is set to open in 2021, but the first phase of production will begin in 2024.

The Victorian Government has also committed to investing in the new facility and will be providing more than half of the costs.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing this first of a kind manufacturing facility to the Golds on the coast of Victoria,” Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“This is a world first and we will work to deliver the quality and cost-effectiveness of this new plant.”

In 2018, the company signed an agreement with the National Health and Medical Research Council to develop a treatment for Hepatitis C, which has been found to be resistant to Viagra.

The National Health Association says the development of a treatment that can be used safely in Australia for treating Hepatitics could lead to the development and mass production of the drug.

“Hepatitis B is a leading cause of preventable death in Australia,” its chief executive, Dr Sarah Mascaro, said.

“There is an urgent need for a safe, effective and affordable treatment for this virus, which kills up to 70 per cent of people who have it.”

She said the agreement with Viagra could be a game-changer for the disease in Australia, which was currently on the verge of becoming the biggest global epidemic in history.

“Vagalectin is a great tool for combating Hepatits,” she said.

The pharmaceutical company said it would also invest in further research into new treatments for HIV and Hepatitic infections.

“Viagra is an extremely powerful treatment for these conditions,” Mr Gee said.

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